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Mid Year Review Radstock to Frome Railway Trust August 2019


Dear Member of the Trust,

 At the recent Trustee’s meeting it was noted that the negotiations required to bring about the restoration of the Radstock to Frome Railway are still ongoing. In view of this lengthy administrative delay the trustees feel that we cannot insist on membership renewals but are grateful to any members who wish to make small donations to help defray running costs.

 Please use the Paypal button on the website or send donations to the Secretary. New members are always welcome. The committee is very short staffed and anyone wishing to help with the administration should contact the Secretary.

 Thank you for your patience.

Radstock to Frome Railway Trustees.




Trust web page has been visited 15,908 times by people from 108 countries.

Trust Facebook page has 1607 followers.

Company has 205 Shareholders and has raised at least £300,000.
Trust has 154 Members and has raised over £2,600 in less than two years.

The details above show some of the interest and/or support.

The company continues its negotiations to purchase both track and land

.It could be very important to quantify the support there is for the project, this could help the negotiations. I believe there is a lot of support for the project which I aim to quantify. I will then summarise it to show support within a specified distance from the railway, those outside that specified distance, local organisations, local companies etc.

I have designed a simple format to show the support, but by all means add comments to it if you wish. Therefore I appeal to the 913 followers on this web site to give it a good start by please sending the following details to me, it is very important that we show what support there is. With separate ones from your husband, wife, brother, sister, etc. A signature is not required if emailed.

I will be making appeals elsewhere please if you are in receipt of the appeal from a different source only show your support once.


Email address
  I support the efforts of the North Somerset Railway Company and the Radstock to Frome Railway Trust in their efforts to reopen the Railway between Radstock & Frome
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