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About Us


On the 22nd of November the Trust achieved its first membership target of 100 members, it has now reached 101. That is a very good achievement with a trust that was only formed in May of this year.

However more members are needed to achieve what we want, so we must now work even harder to our next target of 150 members.

This achievement owes much to the work of Terry Harris, to whom we say thank you.

The following may be of interest to you it is an analysis of where our members live.

35 within 10 Kilometres of the railway

22 in the rest of Somerset

7 in Wiltshire

4 in Hampshire

3 in Devon, Sussex.

3 in Bristol, Cornwall, London, Warwickshire, Lancashire.

1 in Gloucestershire, Dorset, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Essex, Kent, Derbyshire, Flintshire, Shropshire, West Midlands, Merseyside, Scotland, Holland, Australia, New Zealand.

It may also of interest that our present website has been visited by 923 times from people from 29 countries with an average of 14 visits a day.